17 SAPSare around the table at lovely neighbour party!

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17 SAPSare around the table at lovely neighbour party!

Postby johanhammarstrom » Mon Nov 01, 2010 1:55 am

Hi all

Another lovely weekend at Siljan AirPark. We (me, Wanja and Olle Jerlhagen) took off from Bromma Friday afternoon and flew the Rallye to Siljanansnäs. Having a house at an airpark mean many opportunities to go flying! :-)

The prime time of the weekend was the dinner and party at Sinje and Reiner who spontaneosly invited the whole airpark village (we were 17 people around the table) to a incredible dinner (lamb as the main course) with plenty of wine and beer. We are so happy to have such lovely airpark neighbours!

Lots of activities are going on up at the airpark - the area gets nicer and nicer for every week!

Landed back at Bromma today about 16:00. Back to work but we already long back for Siljan AirPark.


Johan and Wanja Hammarström

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