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Another point of view

Postby danne » Mon Apr 23, 2012 1:01 am

In may the 2012 World Championship in icehockey is taking place in Stockholm and Helsinki.
This year 5 countries represented in our airpark is participating: Sweden, Finland, Norway, Germany and Denmark.
Next year 2013, one more airpark country will be represented: Slovenia which won its group last week.
Congratulations Samo !
If youre interested in betting on the winner 2012, Sweden and Finland pays 4,5 times the money and Denmark 250 :D

PS. One of the hottest young players in the world right now is 17 year old Filip Forsberg from Olsnäs - our neighbor village here in Siljansnäs. Hopefullly he will play one more year in Leksand but then he will be lost to NHL DS.
Att flyga är att leva

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