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Welcome to Siljan Airpark

Siljan AirPark

What is an AirPark ?
The first European AirPark was created in 1996 in France. Since then, the concept has caught on and more villages are under construction - at the moment around six in Europe.

An AirPark is a village specially designed by aviation enthusiasts for anyone who shares the passion of flight. After landing your aeroplane you taxi home and park the plane in the hangar and walk to your door. Your neighbors share your interest in aviation and together you own the airfield.

Siljan AirPark is unique !
Siljansnäs airfield and the aeroclub is reknowned for its friendly atmosphere and the hosting of the annual Fly-in “Kräftstjärtssvängen” in August, one of the largest in Scandinavia.
There is a tradition of both glider and powered aircraft’s with many amateur-built experimental and ultralight aircrafts.

Siljan AirPark will also be home for a museum with homebuilt aircrafts that will be displayed both in the air as well as on the ground.

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Siljan AirPark Museum summer 2014
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