The Business AirPark

The Business AirPark

Among the settlers at Siljan AirPark, there are many entrepreneurs and creative business owners. This is a place with big possibilities for those who wish to fulfill their dreams and commecrialize their business ideas.

Siljan AirPArk - The Business Airpark Siljan AirPArk - The Business Airpark
Several members have companies within the IT sector.
Development of hybrid vehicle technology at a member’s workshop.
Siljan AirPArk - The Business Airpark Siljan AirPArk - The Business Airpark
Development within the heavy industry can also be future business.  Office services are very important to the AirPark companies as well as others.
Siljan AirPArk - The Business Airpark Siljan AirPArk - The Business Airpark
It’s a deal at Siljan AirPark. One member markets high-tech energy solutions.

The first object for the settlers will of course be to build the village itself with houses and hangars as well as related infrastructure. When this stage is finished, many of the settlers will continue with the development of their businesses. Some with established companies and others with new starts. We will see both independent businesses and those working together, common for both is that they will work within the business environment, both locally at Siljan AirPark, but also Leksand municipality and Dalarna region in general.

The benefit of business activities at Siljan AirPark will give effects in the region both regarding employment opportunities and new business opportunities. All businesses will need to cooperate locally. Many types of services and products will be needed.

In order to cater to this unique resource, there must be goodwill and investments form several involved parties. There must be available good transports (OK, it’s an airfield, but other means of transportation is equally important), communication, etc.

Siljan AirPArk - The Business Airpark
The Leksand municipality comprises 91 villages. With Siljan AirPark the 92nd village is being created. The settlers are gathering at Siljan AirPark due to their interest in aviation and flying. The village is proof of a great belief in Leksand municipality and of course Siljansnäs. The new investments will contribute to developing Siljansnäs. Many new entrepreneurs and business owners will move to Siljan AirPark which in turn is good for the whole region of Siljansnäs and Leksand.
Mats Möller – Business development Leksand municipality.
Airfield boss Ingmar Lind summarizes the situation at Siljan AirPark:
• New paved runway of 850 m, 44 new plots, ten
nationalities excluding Sweden!
• Progress/development at Siljansnäs flying club!
• Popular among the locals in Siljansnäs!
• A pleasure to welcome the settlers, due to their
positive mentality!
• Quickly found and notable feel-good and feeling of belonging among everybody with a common interest!
• Extra stimulating with all the different nationalities!
• Fresh go-ahead spirit and lots of capacity to get the job done!
• Plus: great possibilities of expansion!
Siljan AirPArk - The Business Airpark

Siljan AirPArk - The Business Airpark

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