Plots for sale at the most popular AirPark in Europe
A few plots are for sale at Siljan AirPark by the owners. Plots are between 800 and 1500 square meters. Large plots offer space for both cottage/house and hangar. Plots include water and sewerage connected to the municipality system and are ready to build.

Contact Johan Hammarström Tel: +46 70 4810009 about general house or plot enquiries at Siljan AirPark. Preferably email: or phone + 46 70 481 00 09.

Plots/houses for sale or rent in Siljan AirPark

Plot # contact e-mail Telephone notes
 B6  Peter Thorslund  +46 70 8931828
B11 Larsson Hus +46 70 5902788
 C11 Thomas Ekström +46 70 9469113  house for rent
C25 Martin Hagensieker  +49 – 151 – 4055 0208
Y9 Marke Sotavalta +358 40 5541009 Foundations
C9 Baban and Mirdad Aziz
0046 709863638
B17 René Byrholt
+45 20 30 44 68
Y11 Peter Muus +45 40319555

Updated 2020-02-27 by IM

Detailplan (detaljplan) limitations: Arrangement and design Buildings shall have wall outer surface of wood. Roofing material shall be of reddish colour. Buildings shall be placed a minimum 4 meters from the edge of the property. Garage doors shall be placed a minimum of 6 meters from edge of the property. Hangar doors shall be placed so the whole aircraft can be parked outdoors on the property. Maximum total height for property 35 – 40 (Y 1-11) is 5,5 meters, maximum total height for property 1 – 34 (all other plots) is 7 meters.

Total building area on property: 20 % of total real estate area.

Disturbance avoidance: Air traffic is not allowed night time (22.00 – 06.00) Administrative regulations: The AirPark project must be executed within 10 years from legal approval date. Building permit is not needed for parking place. Building permit is not needed for roof over outdoor place not exceeding 25 m2. Building permit is needed for lightning mast, flag pole or anything higher than maximum allowed height.


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