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FLYV comes to Siljan Airpark

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  • September 5, 2015

Rune Balle Rune Balle, chief editor of the Danish aviation magazine FLYV, plans to visit Siljan Airpark in the week-end October 2nd till 4th. The visit should result in a feature article in FLYV about our beautiful airpark. So if you haven’t made plans for this particular week-end yet why not spend it in Siljan Airpark and show Rune a living and active airpark? And also: it is mushroom season!!

Besides being the chief editor of FLYV Rune Balle runs Samsoe Airfield in Denmark.  He has indeed done a lot of interesting things on his rather unusual carreer way. Below is a clip from his linked in profile:

Achieved Private Pilot Licence in 1991 and flew Cessna 172 Piper 28 during university studies in Copenhagen, Denmark, Tromsoe, Norway and postgraduate field work (anthropology) in New Zealand 1997-98.
Master Degree in Social Anthropology 1999 specialized in cultural communication based on fieldwork in New Zealand August 1997 – April 1998.
Freelance photo-journalist since 1995. Primarily for Baadnyt (Danish Yachting Magazine) and FLYV (Aviation Magazine published by Royal Danish Aeroclub since 1928.)
CPL flight training in New Zealand 2002-2003. New Zealand Commercial Pilot Licence 2003.
Conversion training in Denmark 2003-2004. JAA Commercial Pilot Licence 2004.
Commercial Pilot Samsoe Air Service from 2004.
Airfield Manager Samsoe Airfield EKSS from june 2004.
Instructors Rating 2006.
Seaplane Rating in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 2012.
From January 2013: Owner and Editor in Chief for FLYV (Aviation Magazine published by Royal Danish Aeroclub from 1928 until 2012)

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