Christer Wretlind

  • date
  • March 9, 2015

Name: Christer Wretlind
Built in: 2007
Living area: 78
Floors: 1
Rooms: 4

House description:

Forsgrens Log house model Lind 90. Area with veranda total 122 sq m. It works the way that I have myself to arrange building of a concrete ground frame with exact measures for the house. The frame to have holes and pipes for water, waste, air to open fire, pipes for floor heating and so on. Forsgren company then deliveres the house and set it up with their own people.

It this is done in wintertime it is nessecary to dry the house and specially the concrete floor during many weeks with portable heater to get 15-20 degrees in house to dry it out.

Next procedure is to finish all installations in house which is much more work than just to put the house in place.

Hangar description:
Tomoko Hangar with Forsgrens logpanel added to have the same looking as the living hose.  The hangar is isolated but not the door. It was cheaper to buy Tomokos ready built isolated elements than to have a local building company to build just an unisolated hangar. Door with its maschinery is delivered by Mondemo AB in Stallarholmen. On the backside of the hangar which means it is same sida as living house I mounted a garage door for parking the car in the hangar.

The house is finished
Hangar is finished

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