Sinje Zeidler & Reiner Ressel

  • date
  • February 17, 2015

Name: Sinje Zeidler & Reiner Ressel
Built in: 2008
Living area: 118
Plot area: 2125
Floors: 1
Rooms: 3

House description:
The house is a custombuild loghouse, the carpenters are VikaVimo from Mora and the material is from Kättbo near Mora. On hte groundfloor Yoz find a big livin-kitchen area with a big  tree and open fireplace in the middle. It has further one masterbedroom, bathroom with steamshower (reverence to swedish bygglag), guestloilet + laundryroom. A little loft serves as combined office/guestroom. Wrappen around the house is a large altan and porch. Further on the plot is our first home – a classical friggebod- that serves as gueststuga.

Hangar description:
The hangar is from Tomukuhus and built 2007. It has 144 sqm and a heated floor. Doors are custombuilt by Hans Helldén from Insjön.

The house is finished
Hangar is finished


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