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SAP news 1 – 2016

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  • February 22, 2016

Siljan AirPark in winter dress. One day in January from an altitude that allows all three elements SAP jan 2016-1of Siljan AirPark to fit in on this shot. After days of rain and thaw where all the good spirits took a serious dive this is what the airpark looks like again! One of these mornings where you wouldn’t want to be anywhere else but in Siljan AirPark ! Although it is freezing cold – 19 C the beauty of nature in winter outfit pales the chill. The webcam on Granberget really catches the atmosphere. Another 10 cm of snow and the conditions for making a skitrack will be perfect. But until then the surroundings offers several DSC_0134fantastic experiences like this from a hike on Storön . And around midnight a fantastic northern light could be watched in competition with the moon and the different illuminations in Siljan AirPark – and won!!

From the board

An ordinary board meeting was held on February 1st with a number of heavy items on the agenda. One is the long going discussion about illumination of the roads in our village but also the runway lights. Read the details in the minutes which can be found on Member Forum.

On Member Forum you will also find a very important survey concerning the interest in and need for runway lights. How many people in the airpark have instrument rating or night qualifications as part of their license? It is important that you give your response in order to figure out whether this is an issue of importance or not.

Finally an entrepreneur for fixing the taxiway edges has been found and an agreement is on the verge of being signed! That was also one of the issues that threatened to be a never ending story, but praise to our board for finally succeeding in rowing that one ashore.

The annual meeting 2016 is fixed to April 30th, announcement will be made later. The day after the annual meeting has been decided by the board to be Spring Labor Day in the airpark. So enter that date May 1st into your calendar, and the excuse for staying in Siljan AirPark for an extra day is fixed.

The annual meeting is also the occasion where the new board is elected, and therefore the election board has announced on Member Forum that they want candidates for the new board! So check the member Forum and write your proposals for coming board members.

Local news

Behind the hangar doors on Propellervägen a home builder’s project is progressing. DSC_0127Family Diehl will soon be able to fly together, all four of them, at the same time in the same aircraft. Their AV10 is growing steadily, and this week a major item was added to the collection of apparatus and gadgets to fit into the fuselage: the engine arrived!! Wrapped up in plastic the 285 HP Lycoming is waiting to be mounted in front – right there! Good luck with the continued project, Fredrik.



P2150010A bright yellow airplane in the white foreboding spring not far away – or? Mounting skies still to come.



Photo contest

It seems like finding your candidate picture for entering our photo contest has low priority amidst the doings of January, and therefore the editorial board has decided to extend the deadline for participation until March 30th. This means that you have another month or so to find just the picture you were looking for but couldn’t find and therefore gave up entering the contest. This situation is well known for all of us in this digital era: in the good old paper days you would file your photos into a nice album in small individual plastic pockets, and you would write where and when the picture was taken and some of us would even write humorous comments on this special occasion. Today you organize your pictures in folders named appropriately – at least appropriate when you created the folder  – and re-finding the pictures may take days!! Hopeless system, actually no better then when you just piled all pictures into a box or drawer with an honest and solemn promise of “Someday…”

So dive into the folder of what? “2015”, “Summer 2015”, “holidays 2015”, “Flying 2015”, “?” and find the picture that will make all readers laugh, cry, loose their breath in excitement etc.etc. and mail it to your editor or

Happy Birthday

Billede1Our runway can celebrate its tenth birthday this summer. Just think of it! 2005 the asphalt was rolled over the grass strip which already then had been there for about half a century. This calls for a celebration! Post all your splendid ideas about how to make this an event to be remembered. The birthday present from the board will be a freshening up of the markings on the runway. A make over grande!sap

Wasalopp 2016

The world famous Wasalopp is going on from February 26th till March 6th i-magen-p-en-vasaloppsakare_480x250beginning with the short vasa and ending with the classic 90km Vasalopp. The classic Vasalopp race is so popular that only 89 seconds after opening of joining all “seats” were sold out! But don’t fret: there are still open space in Ladies’ Vasalopp on February 27th and it is just 30km!! Three brave airparker ladies are participating in the Ladies’ this year Maria, Johanna and Sinje. They shall love your support along the track.

Website trouble

You may have experienced it. No access to our website. A message indicating that the account was closed. On Member Forum Florin has described what was wrong: a script added to the web camera on the flying club house roof sent loads of spam mail. After hard work our webmaster finally had the problem solved and the website up and running again. Very irritating and frustrating. The software in the webcam needs updating and steps to have that done as soon as possible have been taken. Until them you may use the webcam on top of Granberget to give you an indication of the weather in Siljan Airpark. As a consequence of the latest hacking there will no longer be placed direct links in the SAP news website edition other than those we know and have confidence in to avoid evil minded attacks on our website. The reader will have to take the trouble of copy-paste the addresses into their web browser.

Looking into the future….

When reading the minutes from the board meeting you will notice that even the more remote future of5bc2bb11-c15c-41e4-9728-db9671803b26_spoergeskema Siljan AirPark was discussed. How do we want our airpark to develop? The discussion led to the decision of making a survey to make all airparkers express their opinions and views on how Siljan AirPark should grow and into what. Calle Rönn will hold the reins in this project and at the moment he is considering how to construct a sensible questionnaire. Everybody who tried will agree that it is a challenge to ask the right questions in order to get usable answers!

Entry to your calendar

General Meeting in Siljan Airpark Samfällighetsförening April 30th at 1:00 pm in the Siljansnäs Flygklubb clubhouse.


Remember your first solo??

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