SAP News – 2015 – Nr. 3

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  • April 9, 2015

It is definitely spring! All the small signs around you tells you this is the time. And the calendar!!


More daylight than night, it turned two days ago, marvelous!


Not much longer willsnow, ice and cold winds prevent us from hauling out our flying machines, small or large, and let them soar against the blue sky in vain competition with our feathered friends. Well, well, aim for the stars and you may hit the tree tops!


In Siljan AirPark spring time also means annual meeting and labor day.
Important: Labor day changed from May 10th to May 2nd!!!! May 2nd is the day where you work for yourself and for all the rest of us.
And if you do you get double reduction in your member fee 2016! 200skr/hour in stead of the usual 100skr/hour. Worth considering…

The reason why this date is considered so important that is has to come on the front page of SAPnews is very prosaic: the minutes from the latest board meeting just came out and the editor hasn’t found time to translate the minutes word by word yet. Therefore this attempt to keep you informed as well as possible. A mini issue of SAPnews.

From the board

Due to the above mentioned limitations in hours of day (24 as you know) we shall here present the highlights and main issues from the board meeting on March 16th:

  • Proposed budget from the board comprises an unchanged member fee of 7000Skr
  • New website should be ready to launch on the annual meeting!
  • You may have noticed already that our Forum looks a little different, more modern, nice. Use it!
  • image007Illumination in the airpark. Every one who puts up a lamp in front of their house will be compensated for the costs spent on material. IMPORTANT: to avoid a display of all the different lamps available the lamppost MUST be  bought at JULA’s article number 422215 and the height of the lamp must be 2,29m. The lampbulbs should be LED-lights as they consume next to nothing of electricity. The plot owner must mount the lamppost and connect it to his/her own supply system.  Also a light relay should be mounted. There should be a lamppost for every other house in the street. The meeting even discussed whether this installation job should be a part of the maintenance program but no conclusion was written down.
  • image008        Knut Hoffman, the savior of gastronomic, has promised to supply every kitchen in the airpark with opportunities to cook spicy meals, and he will therefore plant herbs in our flower boxes again this summer. That is such a pleasure
  • image009  Proposals for the annual meeting from member Preben Bruhn: to change the annual meeting date in the future to avoid collision with Friedricshafen.
  • Proposal from the board for the annual meeting: to amortize 200.000Skr on the loan in Leksands Sparbank.
  • 12 new IP addresses will be purchased. Contact the board if you need to know more.

In the near future the complete minutes can be found on our Forum as usual.

Annual meeting SAPS 2015 on Saturday April 18th at 1:00PM

The clubhouse of the Flying Club will as previous year be the place for our annual meeting. You have all received a summit by e-mail and also the invitation to participate in the dinner buffet at Buffils Anna after the meeting, i.e. at 7:00pm. Bring your own beverages. Details about signing up for the buffet will be announced soon.  A couple of pics from 2014.

image010 image011



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