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SAP news 5 – 2016

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  • July 27, 2016



Around 50 air-parkers and local flying club members chose to spend their Saturday evening on the 23rd of July celebrating the 10th anniversary of the asphalt runway – a mile stone, indeed. 5:30 the threshold of RWY 32 was crammed with people cheering with Champaign and congratulating each other to this day. Carl Rönn presented briefly the story behind the asphalt runway and the shovel manufactured by Toffe and used for cutting the first turf was on displayP1020833. Rune showered the guests with Champaign from the LS4 and René in his RVG congratulated the runway with breathtaking smoke rings. A party-minded crowd continued with Rulle’s wine-and-fruit-bowl, barbecue, “bring-your-own”-dish and Flying Brewery-beer under the awning and finished with asphalt-cake and coffee.Calle redo att ta första spadtaget A wonderful evening in high spirits. Go to our facebook profile or to the flying club homepage and see many more photos from this great party.take-off RWY 32

More Local News
Cessna hangar

Cardinal hangar coming along, soon the Blue American Beauty will be able to move into her very own apartment – correction, Trike still has his seat there. Who’s the boss?


Very, very early morning sounds of a hard working carpenter on a buzz saw told the tale of attempts to build a patio before you melt in the sun or be eaten by horseflies. And here is the very nice result on Thomas’ house.

It’s here! Finally! We have been waiting for years dying to see this flying machine. The hours, muscles, thoughts, calculations, drawings – and money – that Reino has laid down on the house of the mighty SeaBee raised the expectations mountain high. And here she is:seabee1
Congratulations, Reino, that she finally landed. May your joint future be bright and happy! seabee2seabee33
…although one could suspect that the additional number of hours to be put into this project is impossible to estimate. It will certainly keep Reino busy for a long time. But Reino can do!

A letter from our latest “newcomers” Antje and Alexander – and Isi

Hi! As already mentioned in the last SAPnews we took over a plot in the Airpark. We, that is Antje, Alexander and our dog Isi. Visiting Dalarna, Siljansnäs and the Airpark a while ago for the first time made us make up our minds on where we should be headed rather quickly.
So far we did not bring much, just a campervan and the „Gurke“, our old Rallye. During the past weeks some first construction took place so we should have a roof over our heads soon… Before winter we will also try to get some bare necessities (like hangar doors) taken care of and also pick up a big shipment with some stuff from Germany eventually.
Thanks to everyone in the Airpark for the warm welcome and support during the last weeks! We are looking forward to getting to know everybody. Please feel free to stop by for a coffee or another cold beverage at “Alexanderplatz” (credits to Hasse for the suggestion) at any time!
Again – a warm welcome to all three of you and ”Gurke”!!
Next generation in SAP next generation SAP
Walther and a guest from Germany are inspecting Victoria’s play-house. Designed and painted to match Dad’s and Mom’s house!

Kräftstjärtsvängen – “Kräftis”august 12th-13th
Soon it will be here, the annual fly-in, now for the 27th time, where GA-pilots and experimental enthusiasts meet and talk and look – at other airplanes, other ways to do things, taste the food and participate in the traditional crayfish party Saturday evening. And as usual the flying club is turning to its members for helping hands on this week-end. Each year we have been lucky to have sufficient help thanks to all members local as well as air-parkers. As you all know Kräftis is one of the economic pillars of the flying club, the other one is the member fee which is too modest to be sufficient. Therefore we arrange Kräftis year after year, and the loyal visitors look forward to this every year. The flying club board hopes that the airparkers once again are willing to give a hand or two and help out that week-end. People will be needed at the entrance, the car park, the fly-park, the kitchen, the hamburger stand, the hot-dog stand, the ice-cream stand, breakfast servings, and clean-up personnel. Just call Ingmar and tell him what you’d like to do, and when you’d like to do it.

Sorting the garbage
Every now and then it is time to remind all of us of the routines around garbage. As you may remember we increased the capacity last winter to an extra grey container for combustible waste and an extra brown for organic waste. For this to be sufficient it is still a must that you take as much as possible of your combustible garbage such as packings, wrappings, cardboard containers to the station at Företagshuset. This kind of garbage consumes an awful lot of space and you might as well bring it along when you take your metal, glass and hard plastic garbage to the container station at Företagshuset. Udklip hallevi map
You have heard it before but I say it again: extra collection of garbage costs the tip of a fighter jet!!

Siljansnäsdagen July 30th
The fly-by at last year’s Siljansnäsdagen was very much appreciated and efforts are made to repeat it this year. Ingmar already agreed to be the speaker again this year and Danne is holding the reins. If you want to participate please contact Danne on tel

Christer Matson has passed away.
Christer Matson who helped us so much fixing our internet and who seemed to be “on duty” constantly and always ready to help has passed away. Our thoughts go to those Christer left behind. Siljan Airpark Samfällighetsförening and Siljansnäs Flygklubb will honour Christer’s memory at the funeral service.

Rainy days no longer a problem markis i regn
It was raining cats and dogs last week, and yet we could have our Wednesday night barbecue without getting our feet wet. Marvellous!!

sommarkväll efter regnet

Summer’s evening in Siljan AirPark – after
the thunderstorms

Editor’s note
Now we are halfway through this year’s issues of SAPnews. Some people have left the airpark for encountering other challenges in their lives, some new people have moved in to test airpark living, and all of us have grown 7 years older since SAPnews saw light for the first time. Along with growth development expectedly takes place. You may have changed your stand points and views on how things ought to be in general as well as in specific details. This applies to the contents and format of SAPnews as well. The editor is totally dependent of the views of the readers on these matters. As it is now the editor is the one who draws the lines between what should be published and in which way and what should not. The challenge is to balance information and entertainment. It is therefore of paramount importance that you let the editor know if you feel that a limit has been crossed that should not have been crossed and an area of privacy has been trespassed by the writer.
Your editor will thank you in advance and trusts that you remain the interested and critical readers you have been for 7 years.

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