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SAPnews 2 – 2019

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  • April 19, 2019

Spring is undoubtedly on its way no matter what the weather or the almanac tries to tell you. Officially March is the first spring calendar month on our latitudes but February has been trying to work its way into this category this year. Climate change? (…)

The bird in our logo – the crane – Crus crus – never stops to fascinate. This year the “invasion” was watched at Pulken, a marsh-like area south of Kristianstad in the south east of Sweden. Most known among bird watchers is the Hornborgasjön, where 15-20.000 cranes rest each year on their way to Northern Sweden or Finland to establish next generation. In Pulken “only” 3-4000 cranes rest but that is sufficient for getting the impression of “very many”. Read more

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