Siljan Airpark presented 11 airplanes today

  • date
  • July 26, 2015

Silja Airpark presented 11 airplanes today at Siljansnäs Day. An initiative taken by Dane resulted in 11 airplanes from SAP did a fly-by during the festival. The planes followed a pattern which passed above the church and thus flew above the crowd gathered on the lawn in front of the church. Ingmar Lind commented on the planes and the pilots, and the fly-bys was a success! Musch applause and a fantastic demonstration of how little moderne airplanes disturb the environment both on the noise side and on the air pollution side. Alice Byrholt made a small video showing all the planes participating in the fly-by and promoting Siljan Airpark. Watch it on Siljan Airpark facebook or here. Thanks, Alice for this.

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